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Reunion Poland 2022

Olga Brzęcka

UWC South East Asia '22-'24

July 24, 2022

July 24, 2022

Yearly Reunion is almost engraved in the “July” calendar page of every person connected to Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata. This year’s one, however, was different than any of the previous ones, as it was organised after a two year long gap due to the pandemic of COVID 19. The location also changed, because this time, the scholars, alumni, and parents shared their experiences, worries, and advice in the Arkadia Royal Hotel in Warsaw. It is beyond doubt that even the Friday arrivals were very emotional. Straight after dinner, all attendees had the chance to connect and integrate during a series of games. After that, you the sounds of muffled conversations and laughs could be heard until late night hours, proving that everyone was having a great time. Friday, however, was only the beginning to what was planned for Saturday. With various interesting activities in the schedule there was no time to spare! First year scholars received an incredibly warm welcome from their older, more experienced peers and within minutes, initial shyness was replaced by joy and excitement. At the same time, second year scholars debated their future university applications and career pathways. Alumni used that morning period by engaging in a heated discussion panel and parents by listening to a lecture about solving long distance parenting struggles. Grateful for all conversations and advice we further moved on to group activities. Thanks to wonderful July weather some were able successfully complete the canoeing challenge down the Wisła river, while others used the time to explore the “Zachęta” National Art Gallery and some used the time for their own activities. Although that might sound like a lot for one day, that was not the end! The crucial point of our Reunion was the evening, black-tie scholarship awarding ceremony. Interestingly, the certificates were officially handed out to not only to the newest scholars, but also to the older year group members who did not have a chance of collecting their certificates due to the pandemic and could now celebrate their success like brand new. After the formal ceremony, with Polonaise (pl. Polonez, national polish dance), we danced our way into the party which lasted hours and hours.
Sunday was the time of last advice, wishes and goodbyes. With no doubt, each of us left this reunion with new experiences, memories, goals and most importantly - friendships which will live through thousands of kilometres between us. I want to wholeheartedly thank the organising team for all the effort put into making this extraordinary event happen with such solicitude. I don’t have the habit of saying goodbye, so I will only say: see you all soon! (Hopefully during our Christmas get together in December!) See our photo album from the 2022 Summer Reunion:




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