Scholarship Competition



Scholarship competition is organised by Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata im. prof. Pawła Czartoryskiego


My exam results are below the required average. Can I still apply?

All applications must fulfil all the requirements to be accepted. Applications with average exam score lower than required will not be taken into consideration.

Can home-schooled students also apply?

Yes, they can. Home-schooling does not negatively affect the assessment of the application.

I live in a small town/village. Do I have a chance of getting the scholarship?

Yes, many people who have been awarded scholarships in the past had not lived in big agglomerations.

What is the required level of English or other languages?

We require that your English is good enough to enable you education in this language (essay writing, speaking up during class, communication with students and teachers). We do not have requirements concerning other languages. It is, however, a strength.

I have a British Council English Certificate. Will that exempt me from a part of the qualification process?

No, every candidate has to participate in all stages of qualifications. The level of English itself is not judged, what is important is that you can use your skills and effectively communicate to share your hobbies, interests, goals and abilities with the selections committee.

Do the required documents have to be translated into English by a notary or a translator?

No, copies of documents in Polish are sufficient. However, the selections committee reserves the right to ask for original documents.

Do you consider appeals?

The decisions of the selections committee is final.




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