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Scholarship competition is organised by Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata im. prof. Pawła Czartoryskiego

New Polish Scholarship Scheme channels on social media

Aleksandra Calicka

Downside School '17-'19

November 21, 2022

November 21, 2022

Our scholarship programme organised by Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata has recently undergone an incredible transformation. From a new name, new brand identity, to new pages on social media channels. Now, you can find us on social media under the name of Polish Scholarship Scheme. The information about how to get a scholarship and what criteria you need to meet can be found on our website and on our channels below.


Our Instagram account has changed its name from @tszs_pl to @stypendia_pss. This is where you can keep watching stories by scholars directly from our partner schools. All of those are saved on our profile highlights. Make sure you follow us there as we’ve got still plenty of material ready for you that you definitely don’t want to miss. Follow us here.


We have set up a brand-new page on Facebook, independent of the page by UWC Poland. As we publish there all the news related to the competition, it was the first place where we informed you about our rebranding. To follow us on Facebook, click here.


Did you know that we are also on LinkedIn? Our new profile - Polish Scholarship Scheme - will be run in English. We can't wait to share with you the stories of our graduates, fun facts from the history of the scheme and news from the latest edition of our competition. Follow us here.


On YouTube, you can find us on the channel by Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata. We share this space with our sister scholarship programme to UWC schools. Subscribe to find out more about the recruitment process! Click here to subscribe.

We are excited to tell you that we have a few more aces up our sleeve. So, to make sure you don't miss out on the surprises we have in store for you, keep an eye on us on our social media!




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