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Scholarship competition is organised by Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata im. prof. Pawła Czartoryskiego

Christmas meeting 2022 and workshops for current scholars

Michał Poprawski

Leweston School '22-'24

December 28, 2022

December 28, 2022

As every year in the run-up to Christmas, on 17th December the Staszic Palace in Warsaw welcomed members of the Towarzystwo Szkół Zjednoczonego Świata, drawn in large numbers by the homely smell of borscht and the warmth of the family home.

Preceded by a brief but warm and welcoming introduction summarising the fruitful work of the past year, the evening was a chance to catch up on the events of recent months, renew old contacts and make new ones. We could not miss the opportunity to take photos with scholar from each of our partner schools, which will soon welcome another generation of scholarship recipients from the already completed UWC schools, as well as the ongoing - under the now official name of the "Polish Scholarship Scheme" - competition for public schools. Although very short, the meeting was certainly a unique opportunity for everyone to spend an evening together, reflect on the past year and share plans for the coming one.


It is also worth mentioning that, although it ended on Saturday evening for most, the current scholarship holders also had the chance to meet up on the following Sunday, taking part in a workshop on the upcoming university application at the start of the next school year. It was certainly a very worthwhile time. We hope that it will allow our scholar to go through the application process with a greater piece of mind.


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